Client Spotlight

looking for something to do this winter? Glass Art may be your answer.

glass ornaments on branck



As the days get shorter, there’s a constant struggle to keep our kids off screens and keep them engaged with different activities.  So when a client of mine reached out to see if we were interested in participating in a glass workshop he teaches, we jumped at the opportunity.

Tom and Lloyd moved from Portland to Tacoma back in 2019.  One of their requirements in a home was to have workshop space for Tom’s art.  Their dream home didn’t have quite the space that Tom wanted, so they built one using every inch they could.  It was perfect.. until a fire took it down and they had to rebuild once again.

Perhaps a blessing in disguise, his new studio is gorgeous and is able to host classes for those wanting to learn more about the intricacies of glass.  I admit, I thought this was going to be great for our kids, but had no idea how much I would like it!  Tom gave us a tour of his workshop before we learned how to make our own Christmas Tree Ornaments.

There was something extremely calming about the whole process.  Something we all benefitted from as we enter the holiday season.

A little about Tom:

"I took glass blowing classes in Oklahoma in the early 2000's. I was a young RN and did several creative things like paint (oils and acrylics) and pottery but I was fascinated and drawn to the translucent quality of glass and how the light works with that. There was only one studio to blow glass in Oklahoma City at that time and I took their basic class. I enjoyed it but it was more expensive than my budget at the time allowed for. I found my first kiln used on Craig's list and I was hooked! My kiln was small so I made jewelry and very small dishes and sold them at work and small craft fairs. When I moved to the PNW all my equipment went into storage for several years but I took classes at bullseye glass in Portland. It's a factory that makes products used in fused glass and they have world class instructors that teach there. Fast forward to now having the space and a studio space we built in the back yard! I'm producing glass and have recently been picked up at a brick and mortar store in Palm Springs! I'll be working a few local shows (look for me at the night market in November!) And teaching some classes in a project format, starting with making Christmas tree ornaments! These glasses are suitable for ages 8 and up (with supervision for the younger ones).”

Tom Rowan Lucy Shop edited

If you are interested in signing up for one of Tom’s Workshops, contact him at or follow him on Facebook or Instagram at Comstockglass.

Happy Holidays!