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2022 Year In Review

SNL's 2021 Zillow skit with Dan Levy (warning: a bit risqué) was quite possibly the best example of how we all viewed the housing market back then. Looking at houses and our home equity increases made us, well… excited. But as we lived through the recent market changes, I can only feel like we may have a little ED: Equity Disfunction.

No doubt, 2022 saw some ups and downs. Due to bidding wars, the average listing in Gig Harbor sold over 1% over list price for the first half of the year, but took a hit in the second half with homes selling 2% less than list price. Buyers finally had some wiggle room and could sleep at night.

So before we get too far into the new year, how did Bennett Homes Northwest fare through 2022?

Pretty darn well.

Thanks to many of you, we bravely weathered the storm and have lots to be proud of. Take a look below for some of our favorite accomplishments.


Average % my buyers negotiated down from list price

A big congratulations to those who purchased a home this year! We worked hard to save money with no buyer spending more than list price this year.

Average % my sellers gained over their list price

A few clients were able to capitalize on the strong seller's market at the beginning of the year, while some took intentional and proactive price reductions.

I'm proud of the work that my clients did to sell both on and off market.

66 (3)

Total volume compared to the average Washington State Realtor

While we didn't break any records this year (heck, Gig Harbor's total sales volume was down 17% to LY), Bennett Homes Northwest still showed up and worked like nothing changed.

Total Volunteer Hours given

In addition to giving over $6,000 back to the local community, I am proud of the level of hands-on engagement that happened.

  • Peninsula Hands On Art
  • Little League
  • Adopt-A-Road
  • School VPO
  • Basket Brigade
  • School Safety Walking Committee
66 new

Number of Social Media engagements

I'm not an influencer but still managed to engage my listings on Social Media. Remember the fixer upper Spanish Villa listing? Social Media brought hundreds of interested buyers from all across the country after it was picked up by #SavingOldHouses.

2023 is off to a great start and I look forward to working as your full-time Realtor.

Almost 100% of my business comes from referrals, thanks to you.